10 Questions Clients Always Ask in Consultations

Consultations provide clients with the perfect opportunity to ask all those lingering questions about scalp and hair health, live and direct with an extensively trained expert. From product-related queries to blow-drying tips and beyond, we’re here to offer answers. And while we field countless questions every day, these are some of the most frequently discussed topics at Hårklinikken clinics.

1. Should I detox my scalp?

The concept of detoxing is pretty appealing, but the truth is that if you’re caring for your scalp properly, it’s probably not necessary. The “detox” is essentially a deep clean, and some brands suggest incorporating quite harsh, abrasive products and tools. Our suggested cleansing routine doesn't neglect your scalp, so you won’t need a dramatic detox. That means thoroughly and frequently washing your hair with our effective but mild shampoos to maintain your scalp’s health.

2. Why are oils good topical treatments for the face but not the scalp?

The face and scalp share similarities and many differences. Additionally, not all oils are created equally. While some oils can help moisturise the skin on your face and possibly reduce inflammation there, they aren’t beneficial for the scalp. We don’t recommend applying oils to your scalp, as they can coat the scalp and lead to imbalance in the scalp’s sensitive microbiome, which can cause irritation and ultimately hair loss. (Our hydrating products – which are intended for your hair only – we use oils that work in synergy with many other ingredients to optimise the health of every strand.)

3. I heard washing less frequently is better for hair growth, is this true?

This myth has been around forever. When looking back in time, people shampooed their hair less often and when they did, the shampoos they used contained many problematic ingredients that could strip the scalp and hair. But if you’re using shampoos like ours – that are designed to establish the optimal environment for scalp health and hair growth – frequent and correct cleansing benefits scalp health and can drastically improve your hair.

4. Is dandruff always a symptom of a dry scalp?

No. Dandruff and dry scalp are two distinct scalp conditions that require different treatments. While a lack of moisture causes a dry scalp, dandruff is often caused by an overgrowth of a yeast-like fungus called Malassezia. The fungus feeds on the oils produced by hair follicles, leading to the production of excess skin cells. As these cells die and shed from the scalp, they become visible as white-yellow flakes. Dandruff often causes itching and inflammation and, in some cases, it can lead to hair loss. Dandruff can also come as a result of scalp psoriasis, which is a condition that results in rapid growth of skin cells.

5. Does blow-drying contribute to hair thinning?

Blow-drying your hair doesn't directly cause thinning or loss, but it can worsen the signs associated with it. When using any hot tools to style your hair, the heat expands the hair’s cuticle layer and dries out the strand. If your hair is thinning, dry, chemically processed or compromised in other ways, heat from a blow-dryer can result in excessive moisture loss. Applying excessive heat to hair that’s already fragile can lead to further damage and make strands more brittle. Excessive blow-drying can also lead to scalp issues. The scalp can be dry and irritated from excessive heat, and oil glands may react by overproducing sebum to protect the scalp. This can create various scalp conditions, which in turn affect hair growth and health negatively. We suggest reducing your use of blow-dryers (and hot styling tools in general) and always opting for a low to medium heat setting. Of course, you should always protect your hair with our Hair Hydrating Crème before using any hot tools.

6. Do hydrating products work best on wet, damp, or dry hair?

Each of Harklinikken’s hydration products will work more effectively depending on how wet or dry the hair is.

Daily Conditioner

Designed for use on wet hair in the shower.

Weightless Conditioner

Designed for use on wet, damp or dry hair.

Hair Hydrating Crème

Designed for use on damp or dry hair.

Hair Mask

Designed for use on wet, damp or dry hair.

7. How is the Hair Gain Extract different from other products designed to promote hair growth?

The Extract is customised and hand-blended for each client following their initial consultation. This formula undergoes continuous adjustments, guided by the client’s results, routine and feedback. With over 30 years of development behind it, the Extract is designed to improve hair quality and density – making it overall stronger, denser, fuller, and healthier. Combined with Hårklinikken specialised shampoos and hydrating products, the Extract works to optimise conditions for robust hair growth thanks to its many goals, including balancing the scalp microbiome, reducing inflammation, and activating more hair cell activity.

8. Why am I still shedding hair now that I am using the Extract?

It’s important to understand that shedding isn’t loss, but the shifting of hairs. Shedding is a natural part of the hair growth cycle and can actually be a sign of progress when using the Hair Gain Extract. As the previously miniaturised hairs shift off, higher-quality hair grows back in its place. This regrowth takes time, given that hair thinning/loss is typically gradual. If you’re concerned, simply make an appointment with your Hair Specialist.

9. Can I apply the Extract if I didn’t wash my hair?

For most of our clients, we suggest washing their scalp and hair every day to every other day. So, even when you don’t wash your hair, you can still apply your Extract. Just make sure you wash your scalp after 48 hours to ensure the Extract isn’t layering on the scalp.

10. If I don’t see results, how do I know if my Hårklinikken routine and product regimen are working?

Hair growth can be subtle, and it often depends on the amount of thinning a client is experiencing at the time of their first consultation with us. This is why follow-up appointments are crucial. During these sessions, an expert Hair Specialist will guide you to ensure that you’re using the products in the optimal way, which can make a big difference. Your Hair Specialist is also able to monitor your progress, review your baseline photos, and adjust your Hair Gain Extract formula according to your compliance, results and feedback. When viewing your scalp at a clinic or revisiting photos, your results will likely be more obvious – and worth celebrating.

Unsure where to start?

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