The Benefits of Banana Extract on Hair and Scalp

In a sea of information (and misinformation) about hair and scalp care, so-called clean beauty, and constituents to avoid, we want to shine a light on Hårklinikken's ingredients. Ingredients you can trust, inspired by our deep appreciation for nature, curiosity and discovery.

One of the largest flower herb plants, the banana plant features distinctive purple-hued pods and layered rings of fruit sitting above. This plant is fascinating and powerful in a plethora of ways, including its richness in incredible constituents which have numerous properties that can benefit the body, scalp, and hair.

What is banana extract?

Banana extract comes as a water-soluble, concentrated liquid with a clear to slightly opalescent pale brown, yellow or orange-brown in appearance after extraction from the plant. It also possesses a subtle, naturally occurring scent that carries subtly sweet, creamy notes. The extraction method allows the plant actives to become more accessible for skin, scalp, and hair applications. Products that contain banana extract can be used every day and in combination with many other ingredients.

The benefits of banana extract for hair and scalp

Packed with flavonoids – constituents such as quercetin, catechin, gallocatechin and ellagic acid – banana extract nourishes hair strands. It can benefit hair hydration, elasticity, shine, and strength. The plant also contains a number of plant actives known for skin calming and soothing properties that are gentle and supportive of the scalp microenvironment.

Why does Hårklinikken use banana extract?

We use banana extract for its nourishing properties and its ability to function as a nourishing biopolymer gel that creates flexible hold in combination with other ingredients. That biopolymer gel also works in synergy with the flavonoids inherent in the extract to support moisturise retention and protect strands. Because it’s water-soluble, it washes away cleanly and easily without leaving film and buildup on your hair.

Hårklinikken products that contain banana extract

We incorporate banana extract in our Styling Paste, which has been meticulously crafted with other ingredients to provide protective, flexible hold. To use, we recommend applying a small dab in your palm and gently working it between your hands before using your fingers to work the product through slightly damp or dry hair.