The Benefits of Saw Palmetto on Scalp and Hair

A remarkable palm that can grow up to 10 feet tall and live for as long as 700 years, the Saw Palmetto (or Serenoa repens) tree boasts bright green, pointed leaves arranged like a fan. Native to the United States southwest, it has many Indigenous names (including tala or talimushi in Choctaw) and has been used by First Nations people in various nutritional and medicinal ways over centuries. The tree’s blue-black berries are a rich source of fatty acids and phytosterols, which have various benefits for the body. It’s from those berries that saw palmetto extract is derived.

What is saw palmetto extract?

Depending on its source, processing and refining method, saw palmetto extract can have a range of colours, textures and scents. Source and harvesting are integral to ensure high-quality saw palmetto extract, as cultivation conditions of the plant can impact its photoactive profile – which is especially important for consumption in a supplement.

Is saw palmetto a DHT-blocker?

Saw palmetto is often incorporated in topical products and ingestible supplements as it's been linked to inhibiting the activity of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) – one of the hormones connected with hair loss and thinning.

What is DHT?

In scientific terms: DHT is a hormone that occurs when testosterone is converted (or metabolised) by the 5-alpha reductase enzyme. In other words: it’s a hormone that’s present in all genders and is commonly believed to cause hair follicles to shrink – possibly shortening the hair growth cycle and leading to hair miniaturisation, thinning, and loss.

How is saw palmetto extract good for hair growth?

In addition to exhibiting DHT-blocking properties, saw palmetto contains fatty acids, plant sterols, and flavonoids that can help improve the quality of hair strands. This ingredient shows great promise in boosting the appearance of hair thickness and density and is equally beneficial for people of all genders.

Is all saw palmetto extract the same?

Saw palmetto is incorporated in various dietary supplements on the market for its hair growth benefits, but not all can be trusted to deliver the results they claim due to poor quality and imprecise formulations. Hårklinikken uses only the highest grade of saw palmetto – developed with sophisticated science to work in synergy with select ingredients – to optimise hair quality and scalp health.

How does Hårklinikken use saw palmetto extract in products?

Saw palmetto is one of the hero ingredients in our just-launched Hair Supplement, which is designed to target eight key contributors to hair loss. Our supplement addresses three biological triggers including stress, DHT sensitivity and nutrient deficiencies while supporting five functions essential to hair growth, health, strength and density.

Our unique refining and processing method means we yield the desired antioxidants and fatty acids from the saw palmetto berries, resulting in an extract that's ideal for our specific requirements for the Hair Supplement.