Rosemin Madhavji

For Canadian-born, Dubai-based Rosemin Madhavji, hair has always been important – but never as much as when she began experiencing excessive shedding. The media personality, presenter and businesswoman tells us, “I'm Indian – South Asian – so hair is a major thing. Culturally, long, healthy hair is really important. In a weird way... it really defines you.”

During her teens, Madhavji’s hair was so thick that she had to tie it into two separate ponytails to manage it, but a few years ago she found herself distressed by the amount of hair fall she was seeing. “When I moved to Dubai, it just started to fall,” she says. “It affected my confidence and made me feel self-conscious. I would often cry when seeing clumps of my hair come out in the shower.” Potentially exacerbated by the water in Dubai, intense air conditioning or frequent blow drying, Madhavji’s hair thinning led her to experiment with countless different products. “I'd go or a colour-safe shampoo for like two weeks. Then I’d go to a thinning shampoo to prevent breakage, then another one,” she says. Nothing was working. So when a friend recommended Hårklinikken, she was ready for a new approach. Madhavji tells us, “When I saw her results, I knew I just had to try it.”

“I love visiting the clinic. The Dubai location is so chic and discreet, and the consultations are so personalised which makes me feel that Hårklinikken is as dedicated to improving the condition of my hair as I am. I literally feel like they’ve invested in me.”

The first significant lesson she learned at her Hårklinikken consultation was to cleanse her scalp even more frequently than she was, in part to ensure her Hair Gain Extract worked as effectively as possible. "I think that was really important,” Madhavji says. “Because I think you just assume things are going work." Once she understood her own unique scalp profile and how Hårklinikken products function, everything started making sense and the idea of committing to the Method didn’t feel daunting. “I love the Hårklinikken approach. They realistically explained the treatment, the commitment needed, and results that could potentially follow and this really helped me,” she says. “To me, to me that's a luxury experience.”

Around three months after beginning the Method, she began to notice results: mostly new hair around her face, but her photos revealed there was even more growth than she had initially thought. “You don't realise the density until you see the photos from before. When I compare those photos of areas that I was really insecure about – like at the back of my scalp – you can see the baby hair coming. You can see the density. I think that gives me confidence and proves that being committed works,” she says. “Consistency is really important – and discipline.”

Results keep her motivated and, while Madhavji has been committed to the Method for over a year, she understands that perfection isn’t paramount. When she misses an Extract application, she doesn’t beat herself up about it; she simply picks up her Regimen again as soon as possible. Madhavji’s current Regimen includes applying her hand-blended Extract once a day and alternating between the Balancing and Stabilizing Scalp shampoos. She also uses the Daily Conditioner and Hair Hydrating Crème, and especially appreciates the Styling Spray which “keeps my baby hair sleek and neat when I’m styling.” And while her hairstyle no longer hangs down to her waist, Madhavji is happy with her hair these days. "When I was younger, my look was blow-dried straight and a long, layered style. But now it’s probably three inches past my shoulders. It's a cleaner and more polished look, but wavy. That's my signature look now.”


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