The Conditioning Method
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The Conditioning Method

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Perfected over 30 years in Hårklinikken clinics across the globe, our three-step system is designed to give you fuller, stronger, healthier hair. ​This expert-developed regimen builds a purpose-driven routine to reset the scalp, rehydrate the lengths and restore healthy follicle function.

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  • Hair Gain Extract

    Hair Gain Extract

    Our highly effective, award-winning Extract is the cornerstone of our tailored treatment regimen. Each extract formulation is customized to your individual requirements and optimized over the course of your treatment to maximize the health of your scalp and promote thicker, fuller, more vibrant hair with regular use.
  • Stabilizing Scalp Shampoo

    Stabilizing Scalp Shampoo

    This award-winning shampoo deeply cleanses your scalp, creating a strong base for healthy hair to grow.
  • Daily Conditioner

    Daily Conditioner

    Daily Conditioner is designed to dramatically improve the softness, elasticity and smoothness of your hair.

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1. Reset the Scalp

​Cleanse the scalp of excess oil, flakes and buildup with gentle yet effective shampoos.

2. Replenish the Lengths ​

Hydrate hair lengths with conditioners free of silicones, formulated to seal lasting moisture into each strand and smooth the cuticles.​

3. Reactivate the Follicle​

Re-engage hair follicles with your custom-blended Hair Gain Extract, restoring the condition of the scalp whilst strengthening hair at the root.

Additional details

We select ingredients based on their efficacy, ability to nourish and protect the scalp and hair, and synergistic performance in each formulation. ​

Clean, gentle and powered by proven botanicals, our products are free of silicones, SLS/SLES, phthalates, parabens and fragrances.

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"Hårklinikken products have truly transformed my hair; it’s noticeably fuller, stronger, and shinier."

Louise, Female, 31, 11 Months on Extract


"My scalp is free of the eczema and irritation that caused my hair loss, and my hair is healthier than ever."

Olivia, Female, 21, 11 Months on Extract

Consultation with a Hair Specialist

We can help you assess your scalp and hair health and create a treatment plan specific to your biology, lifestyle and environment, then take baseline photos to measure your progress.

We use the information gathered to customise your ideal Extract formula and personalise a regimen of cleansing and hydrating products to boost the effects of the treatment.​

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Step 3: Select either the 'Conditioning Method' or 'Cleansing Method', 'Conditioning Method' will include our Daily Conditioner along with your choice of cleansing shampoo, and your 2 Extracts every 8 weeks. The 'Cleansing Method' will be your choice of cleansing shampoo, and your Extracts every 8 weeks.

Step 4: From the ‘Select your shampoo’ drop down menu, select either Balancing Shampoo or Stabilizing Shampoo to add to your subscription. ​

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You can cancel your Subscription after a minimum of three delivery cycles. To cancel, simply log in to your account and select 'Subscription' to see your options. For any support, please contact our customer experience team at or call us at 1-877-657-0100.

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