Lina Rafn

Curiosity and self-expression have always been central to Lina Rafn’s personality, and it’s ultimately what led her to try so many different products, lotions and potions on her hair and scalp before finding Hårklinikken. “The condition of my hair and scalp was terrible, I thought nothing could be done as I had tried with numerous shampoos and lotions,” the singer and songwriter tells us. “On top of that, my hair was thinning – or rather, it was weakening." It was breaking at only five to 10 centimeters of length. It felt fragile and thin. The color seemed flat. It was as though my hair was resigning, saying ‘I’ve served you well although you treated me badly and took me for granted. Now I’m exhausted and I’m throwing in the towel.’”

Like so many people, Rafn has always experimented with new looks and styles. Though she had fun with her appearance, she never felt hyper-focussed on it or vain. But when her hair was breaking and falling, she began to feel distressed. “I was in denial about the importance of how I looked connects to my experience of self-expression and my own general happiness. I wanted – in fact I insisted – that my happiness had nothing to do with my appearance.” While certainly true in part, there’s no denying that outside appearances can affect how we feel inside.“The more authentic I have become in who I really am and how I really want to look, the happier I feel," Rafn says. So when some friends in the fashion industry recommended Hårklinikken, she was keen to experience it for herself.

Her first consultation was also an exercise in unlearning habits and long-held theories. “A lot of hair stylists will tell you not to wash your hair too often – maybe once a week. That myth was killed off real fast,” she says. “Now I know to keep your scalp clean; give it room to breathe.” She also learned that very few products should be applied directly to the scalp. Strong, lustrous hair grows from a stable and healthy scalp. “If I don't treat that scalp well, the hair that's goign grow out of it is going to be weaker and weaker and less and less.” she says. Understanding the importance of scalp health has been a game-changer for Rafn. “I have learnt that there needs to be a balance between styling and care. If I treat my hair and scalp badly, I cannot achieve the looks that I wish to create.”

When the concept of commitment came up, Rafn was ready to dedicate the time and energy needed for the Method. “I wasn't reluctant,” she tells us. “I was like, ‘Let me do something that good instead of what I have been doing, because what I have been doing has obviously been wrong.’” While she was ready to make a big change, Rafn was pleasantly surprised that commitment to the Method was less demanding than expected. “What I do for my routine is nothing. I’ve done way more for skincare,” she says. “Washing my hair every morning took some getting used to, but mostly on a mental level, as I had been told again and again that I shouldn’t wash my hair more than once or twice a week.”

Not long after beginning the Method, Rafn started feeling results – first it was her scalp becoming far less irritated, and the relief that came with that. “My scalp didn’t itch anymore. It didn’t take my focus. It no longer bothered me. That was huge for me,” she says. While hair gain is a fundamental part of what Hårklinikken does, reducing the time spent thinking about scalp and hair issues is remarkably valuable – and can be a real game-changer for reducing stress. "The fact that my hair wasn’t a concern or a struggle was such a relief. It lightened my spirit for sure,” she says.

Currently, Rafn's routine is cleansing with the Balancing Shampoo and hydrating with the Daily Conditioner every morning. At night, she applies her hand-blended Hair Gain Extract, massaging it into her scalp. When she wants to add texture, hold and a little extra shine to her strands, she uses the Styling Wax. “A healthy head of hair is much easier to style. It takes less effort to make my hair look delicious. I can style it in all kinds of ways, but I treat it gently and with respect,” she tells us. “I feel like I got a second chance with my hair – I’m not counting on a third. I am taking good care of my hair and scalp now.”


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