Ricki Lake

For 30 years, actress and television host Ricki Lake had experienced nearly every cause of hair thinning a woman could go through it. Pregnancy. Stress. Hormones. Triple-processing and teasing her hair every two weeks for shows. You name it, Ricki had it - and she tried everything she could to stop it. But the older she got, the thinner it became; and the thinner it became, the more she gave up on ever having beautiful hair.

Hereditary factors meant the older she got, the thinner it became. And the thinner it became, the more she gave up on ever having beautiful hair. Until one day - New Years Day - she decided to take control of her confidence again. She shaved her head, shared an empowering message about starting over, and showed thousands of women across the world that they weren’t alone.

“It was debilitating, embarrassing, painful, scary, depressing, lonely. I was hiding the damage with hair extensions”

Shortly after her post, Ricki was referred to Harklinikken by her stylist and got in touch with founder and lead researcher, Lars Skjøth. Before starting her on the Hair Gain Extract, he prescribed a preliminary treatment to repair her scalp and restore it to a condition that could fully receive the benefits of the Extract. Once it was healthier, we created a customized formula based on her unique scalp profile, and built a product routine around it, including the Balancing Shampoo, Daily Conditioner, and Hair Hydrating Crème for optimum results.

After 3 months, Ricki’s hair felt healthier than it had in 30 years. Through regular consultations and strict adherence to her treatment plan, she was able to restore the health of scalp and regain a full, thick and vibrant head of hair.Today, Ricki is so pleased with her results that she continues to use her customized Hair Gain Extract and personalized routine and regularly shares her experience with Harklinikken.


The Hair Gain Extract

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