Rima Zahran

Rima Zahran is no stranger to making bold statements with her appearance. Growing up, she often dyed her hair bright shades of blue or green, but her drastic haircut two years ago felt less about playful self-expression and more about necessity. “I never thought of myself as a hair girl, but I realised that I had taken my hair for granted because I had ‘easy’ hair,” the Dubai-based jewellery designer, entrepreneur and mother tells us. “But I was losing a lot of hair. I was done. I was like, ‘It's a mess. It's just dangly. It doesn't look neat anymore.’ And it was a big thing to cut my hair.” But the haircut didn’t fix much. Her scalp felt endlessly irritated, and she was still unhappy with her hair. “I'd put extensions because I hated it,” she says. “But the extensions would make things worse and make my hair fall even more. I wanted my hair back.” Unsure if the hair loss she was experiencing was due to stress, Covid, hormones, medication, or a combination, she tried various treatments – serums, sprays, supplements and more – but ended up feeling stuck. “I did everything, and nothing worked,” she says. “I lost hope.”

Zahran posted about her struggle on social media, “I speak openly about anything and everything,” she says. Several people in her DMs and comments suggested Hårklinikken, but she was wary. “I just kept putting it off. It's a little bit intimidating when it's a clinic, and you have people saying, ‘You have to do this every single day.’” Her hesitance began dissipating when she went to her initial consultation with her Hårklinikken Hair Specialist. “Right away, it just felt genuine,” she says. “They didn't give me, 'Oh, you're going to have hair down to here. All your hair is going to grow back.' They gave it to me straight. They were honest, and they educated me.” Feeling knowledgeable about scalp care and that the scalp is a delicate ecosystem was the first integral step in Zahran committing to the Hårklinikken Method.

“We’ve changed formulas a bunch of times. It was too greasy, then too dry. Then we got it right. I think that that's a very, another big important part of Hårklinikken – it’s not ‘one size fits all.’ You're supposed to tell them what does and doesn’t feel right because they want it to work. It’s refreshing.”

Zahran’s uncertainty continued disappearing when she started seeing results – less hair fall within four weeks and increased hair growth around six months – but also when she skipped her Regimen while on vacation. “Something I noticed is when I wasn't using it as frequently, like in the summer I was a little bit not so great with using it,” she says. “I realised that it was okay at first, but then the health of my scalp changed. It's not that my hair was falling, but I could feel that my scalp was getting a little more greasy. It was like my scalp was a bit moody.” This was a catalyst for Zahran being even more diligent in her routine – and surprising herself in the process. “I learned that apparently I am patient,” she laughs. “And I'm consistent. It's the consistency.”

Like so many Hårklinikken clients, Zahran’s understanding of hair gain and commitment to the Method began when she started looking at her scalp routine the same way she does her skincare. “I use Hårklinikken products every night,” she says. “When I'm in my pyjamas, that's when I do my skincare and my scalp care. It's just become an automatic thing. Now I take care of my skin – and I take care of my scalp.”


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